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What You Get:

  • Premium group pricing on all injectables
  • 20% off of all SkinCeuticals products
  • No travel or time fees, no hidden fees
  • Free consultations, no pressure atmosphere
  • host(ess) gets 50% off if 3 guests make a purchase
  • host(ess) gets FREE botox OR filler treatment if 5 guests make purchase
  • host(ess) gets FREE botox AND filler treatment with a purchasing party of 8 or more guests!
  • Introductory question and answer session provided
  • Guests can be seen at the event privately, or in an open atmosphere, whichever is preferred
  • Complete party proposal with FAQ's provided for the event posting. Everything is transparent and all questions are answered. Proposal includes estimates of areas treated with prices and what to expect.
  • All you need to do is set a time, date, and location with me. Then, create a facebook event, or private invitations, whichever is preferred. Hostess provides snacks and beverages. Feel free to invite other vendors. I like to shop too!

** party must not be too late in the evening, due to side effects of lying down right after treatment

** consent and medical history data forms are provided and signed pre-treatment